July 19: The Best Laid Plans…

The day before she was leaving for vacation with her husband and two sons, author Lisa Hendey had planned to finish her extensive “to do” list.  After the first item, however, her plans started to go awry.

She had to care for her mother-in-law, who underwent outpatient surgery which lasted two hours longer than expected.  Then she had to pick up her own mother from the airport which cut into the time she had set aside for packing and laundry.

Regarding the experience, Hendey wrote on the “Faith and Family Live” website, “Some days, we can make a list and tick through each of the tasks with perfect precision.  Other days, God has us on a varying path, the one that twists, turns, and winds far from our anticipated destination.  On those days, I imagine Him looking down benevolently as He reminds me who is truly ‘in charge’ and what is truly ‘important.’  On days like this, I need to remind myself that life is not about me always being in charge.  More often than not, when I let go and ‘go with the flow,’ the days are better than I could have ever imagined.”

Happy are those who trust in the Lord.  (Proverbs


Teach me to trust in You, O Lord.

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