August 31: Second Chance

In the Academy at Florence, one of the great Italian masterpieces displayed is Michelangelo’s statue, “David.”  Every year, thousands of people admire this early example of the great master’s work, unaware that the huge block of stone from which the figure was hewn has a curious history.

At first an inferior artist began to work on it, but through lack of skill, he succeeded only in hacking and marring the marble.  Then the rulers of Florence called on the young Michelangelo, who created a lasting work of art.

There is no one around so ruined that he is undeserving of a second chance.  As the true artist saw in the shapeless mass of stone the outline of his masterpiece, so God sees in the lowest of the low that unextinguished spark of goodness and humanity which can be his salvation.

All of us can do the same, looking at everyone in a creative, not destructive, spirit.  God will guide us in the good work of restoring what was lost, of giving life to what was spiritually dead.

The Son of Man came to save the lost.  (Matthew 18:11)

Kindle the divine spark inside me, Lord.

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