August 8: When Life Takes a Swat at You

After work, Lynn stopped at a New York City coffee shop for a relaxing cup of tea.   Through the window, she saw a woman walk by with a huge, fluffy, chocolate-brown dog that stood about three feet tall.  Another passerby and her small boxer dog stopped to chat with the big dog’s owner.

One of the coffee shop patrons looking out the window commented, “The amazing thing is that the small dog doesn’t seem to know that he’s small, and the big dog doesn’t seem to know he’s big.”  The small dog kept playfully jumping at the big dog, as if to wrestle him to the ground.  Meanwhile, the big dog seemed amused and patient, before gently giving him a swat with his paw.  However, the swats never deterred the confident, little dog who was even more enthused and persistent. No obstacle was going to keep him from what he wanted to do!  They kept it up, just enjoying the fun in the moment.

Lynn looked at the incident as a metaphor.  When life seems too big or overwhelming to deal with—even when it takes a swat at you—persistence, focus, confidence and enthusiasm can help you to reach your goal—or at least enjoy the journey.

Do not be faint-hearted.  (Jeremiah 51:46)

Jesus, give me courage and joy as I face my challenges.

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