Oct. 22: A Kicker With No Toes?

Former professional football player Tom Dempsey didn’t let the fact that he was born with no right hand and no toes on his right foot prevent him from becoming a standout on the gridiron.  He even holds the world record for field goal kicking—63 yards.

It was 1970, when Dempsey, wearing a specially-designed shoe, was playing for the New Orleans Saints.  In the final seconds of a game against the Detroit Lions—a game which the Saints were losing by two points—Dempsey kicked the longest field goal ever to win the game.

What enabled him to win a place in the record books?  Dempsey credits his parents, saying, “I’ll always be grateful for my parents’ attitude toward me when I was a small boy.  They simply refused to let me feel sorry for myself because I was different than other people.  They taught me to get out and compete.  My father, especially, made me try everything.”

Each child has a spark of potential which can remain largely buried without the right kind of support.  You and I can play a key role in God’s design by encouraging children to go as far as they can in developing their talents.

Love builds up.  (1 Corinthians 8:1) 

Holy Spirit, help adults affirm and inspire young people. 

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