Nov. 22: The Good Samaritan Motorist

When Justin Horner’s tire blew out on a remote road in Oregon, he discovered he had a spare tire but no jack.   He wrote a sign reading “NEED A JACK,” and held it up.  For three hours, cars and trucks just passed him by.

As Horner told the story in The New York Times Magazine, a van finally pulled over.  The Good Samaritan driver spoke no English but his daughter did.  He indicated he could help.  Then, Horner’s tire iron broke while he was removing the blown tire.  The van driver’s wife drove to the nearest town, bought a new one, returned within 15 minutes, and the job was soon done.

Inquiring about the family, Horner was amazed to find out they live in Mexico; they were in Oregon to earn money picking cherries.  He wrote, “This family, undoubtedly poorer than just about everyone else on that highway, took a couple of hours out of their day to help a strange guy on the side of the road.”

When Horner tried giving the Good Samaritan $20 for his trouble, he smiled, shook his head, and said in broken English, “Today you, tomorrow me.”

Imitate what is good.  (3 John 1:11)

Guide me in aiding the powerless, Savior.

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