Dec. 15: Inspired Service

Laura Collier was only eight when she traveled with her mother to China. She remembers noticing the stark difference between the United States and the world around her.  Her view of the world forever changed, and in her teen years, when she visited other countries, she vowed to make a difference.

That “difference” would come later when, as a college student at Oakland University in Michigan, she founded the school’s first international service group called Global Medical Brigades.  Their goal is to provide basic health care to people in poor parts of the world.  On the group’s first medical mission trip to Honduras, Collier once again was inspired.

After witnessing the joy and sense of community among the residents, she said, “These people don’t live a materialistic life…They showed us we don’t need a lot of to be happy.”

What makes you happy?  Let some part of that be making a positive difference for those around you.

Give graciously to all the living; do not withhold kindness even from the dead.  (Sirach 7:33)

Lord, help me always be kind to strangers and to take time to talk to someone because You are in each person.

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