Harvesting the Verba for Midsummer

What’s more pagan than getting out into nature and playing with plants? Not only that, but it’s an ancient tradition practiced all over continental Europe. [Read more…]

I am a Priest and I am Called to Truth and Silence.

Priesthood is evolving for the modern era and modern needs. We must look to the needs of our congregations as well as the traditional roles of pagan priesthood to develop and inform our skill and knowledge base. [Read more…]

National Day of Prayer

The Rev. Melissa Hill shares her prayer to the Earth Mother for National Prayer Day. [Read more…]

What is Druidry?

Learn about modern Druidic history and the vision of ADF, one of the most popular forms of modern Druidry. [Read more…]

A Call to Action for Syria

The Rev. Melissa Hill calls out to the pagan community to take action and not slide into complacency in this prose poem for Syria. [Read more…]

Priesthood without Payment is Like Being a Volunteer Firefighter

Trying to keep up with the big religions is great, but there’s one problem. We don’t have their resources, numbers, or money. How is a priest to cope with keeping up with the Jonses. [Read more…]

Convocation 2017 Review

The Rev. Melissa Hill shares a snippet of what Convocation is like for a druid. [Read more…]

The Fire of Willpower

If you’ve ever had a goal you failed with or binge ate a whole box (or three) of Girl Scout cookies, you might want to read up on the notes from my Fire of Willpower workshop! [Read more…]

Convocation Preperations

I’m leaving for Convocation this afternoon. It’s the largest indoor pagan convention in the midwest, and I know a number of people who go directly from Pantheacon to Convocation in a two weekend long bonanza of pagan festivities. I’ve been preparing like mad,  assembling my ritual team, blessing tokens, gathering offerings, and doing trancework to [Read More…]

A Path to Activism in the Age of Trump

The priests of ADF are finding their own paths to activism and commitment to the folk with ritual action meant to inspire and lead. [Read more…]