Brooklyn Zen Center Hosting Panel on Gun Violence with Angel Kyodo Williams and Others on April 5th

A tip of the hat to Shambhala Sun Space web editor Rod Meade Sperry for bringing this event and its particulars to our attention.

The panel — which is entitled “Social Messages and Gun Violence – How are we communicating the devaluation of life?” — is described in full this way:

Within our society is there a pervasive life-devaluing message that contributes to gun violence in our communities? If so how does it contribute and by what means are these messages delivered? Who is most affected? Finally, how do we counter messages that frame some lives as less worthy than others so that every life is understood as equally and wholly valuable, making gun violence entirely unacceptable to us all.

You can get full details about the upcoming event at the Brooklyn Zen Center’s website here.

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