Parents of Buddhist Student Discriminated Against At Louisiana School Win Lawsuit [UPDATED]

Judge Elizabeth Foote of the U.S. District Court, Western District of Louisiana. Image via The Raw Story.

Shambhala Sun Space reports that a settlement has been reached in favor of the Buddhist student bullied at Louisiana school, who I wrote about in two past posts. Blogger Konchog Norbu has all the information, plus useful links. Take a look at the full post here.

One of the links Konchog shares is to a post about the settlement at the ACLU’s “Blog of Rights” by Heather L. Weaver, from the organization’s Program on Freedom of Religion and Belief. She begins, saying:

Imagine if your child was ridiculed in front of his classmates for his religious beliefs until he was physically ill. Can’t believe it? Neither could we, and that’s why the ACLU and the ACLU of Louisiana sued the Sabine Parish School District on behalf of C.C., a sixth-grader of Thai descent and a practicing Buddhist. You remember C.C.: He was chastised by teachers and administrators at his Louisiana public school for his religious beliefs. School officials also repeatedly, and illegally, imposed their religious beliefs on students in a number of ways.

Today, C.C. and his family won. A federal district court entered an order requiring the school district to refrain from unconstitutionally promoting or denigrating religion. The court’s order also mandates in-service training for school staff regarding their obligations under the First Amendment.

You can read the rest of her post here.

[UPDATE: Our friend and Patheos colleague Justin Whitaker has a good post on this story as well.]

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