Aieeeeee! The Horrifying Truth about Home Food Storage


Fellow gourmands and Saints, this intrepid investigative reporter has figgered us out, I’m afraid.

Thanks to Mike Parker for bringing this vital news item to my attention.



Writing for Sunstone back in May 2004 (“Defending the Kingdom, Rethinking the Faith: How Apologetics is Reshaping Mormon Orthodoxy”), John-Charles Duffy outed me as “Danibal [or Dannibal] Lecter.”  He had literally no idea how spot-on correct he was.

Do you remember the old Twilight Zone episode where seemingly benevolent aliens land on Earth and invite selected earthlings to back with them for a visit to their home planet?  Some of the earthlings discover that the extraterrestrials have also brought a book with them, and devote a great deal of effort to deciphering and translating it.  They’re pleased when they learn that it’s entitled To Serve Man — but a tad less so when they go on to discover that “It’s a cookbook!”

I love the comment following the article, where one earnest reader vows that s/he will not support Governor Romney under any circumstances, because he’s a cannibal.  Perhaps this will be the next campaign theme from Mr. Santorum and Mr. Newt?  (You heard it here first.)



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