Another Moroccan for Mitt

The driver of the Lincoln Town Car who took me this afternoon from the Harvard Square Hotel to Boston Logan Airport was, I was delighted to discover, a Moroccan.

We had a great conversation about Morocco, Berbers, the Moors, Andalusia, Moorish architecture (which I particularly love), and whether or not Islam is an inherently violent religion.  (Needless to say, he didn’t think so.)

Then, out of the blue, he began talking about religious intolerance, and the fact that many people look down on Muslims, but also, he said, on Mormons.  (I hadn’t yet mentioned that I am one.)  Mitt Romney, he said, would make a wonderful president.  And he’s a good man, too, and, most especially, a good family man.  But, said Muhammad (for that really was his name), people oppose Mitt Romney because Mitt Romney is a Mormon.  Which, he declared, shouldn’t matter at all.

How ironic that Muhammad, a Maghrebi Muslim, is more religiously tolerant than quite a few American Evangelicals.

I tipped him pretty well.

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