Coming Soon, to a Magazine Rack or Mailbox Near You

I’ve subscribed to the conservative political magazine that William F. Buckley, Jr., founded (National Review) since I was thirteen or fourteen.  Which means that I’ve been reading it for something like seventy or eighty years.

There’ve been only a few gaps, always involving residences overseas — though I even received it for most, though not quite all, of my mission in German-speaking Switzerland.  (That was a slightly different era).

So, very soon, this will arrive in my mailbox:

“The Truth . . . about Mormons!  Nice!  Decent!  Earnest!  And One’s Running for President!” by Kevin D. Williamson.

It could be a malicious hit piece, though I don’t expect that.  It could praise us as nice, decent, earnest people with quintessentially American values and an idiotic theology and a ridiculous early history and some dubious earlier practices that, albeit absurd and sometimes offensive, are irrelevant to electoral politics.  (My money’s on that one.)  Or it could be genuinely pleasant, informed but respectful and sympathetic.

We shall see.

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