False Prophets Arise Again to Deceive the People in the Presidential Race

My friend Craig Foster, co-editor of the excellent anthology on early Mormon plural marriage The Persistence of Polygamy, has called my attention to this specimen of theologically-motivated Evangelical opposition to Mitt Romney:http://myemail.constantcontact.com/False-Prophets-Arise-Again-In-The-Presidential-Race.html?soid=1011287334085&aid;=Ajv6AAZY_MMBehold the same mind-set that gave humanity the Balkans. Posted from Boston, Massachusetts … [Read more...]

Christians Mourn the Death of a Pope

The bi-weekly column that Professor William Hamblin and I do for the Deseret News, this time on the death of Pope Shenouda III and on Egyptian Christianity:http://www.deseretnews.com/article/765562430/Christians-mourn-death-of-a-pope.html … [Read more...]

Harvard, Riyadh, and Las Vegas

My brother's funeral is now scheduled for Friday, with the viewing on Thursday night.  So I'm going to carry through with my lecture on the campus of Harvard University on Monday.  (We'll see how I do; I'm intermittently a basket case right now.)  Here's the poster that's evidently been put up around Harvard:I was planning to call my brother on Monday night to report to him that I'd just given a lecture out at Harvard.  He always got a kick out of my travels, speeches, and … [Read more...]

Gratitude for Friends, Especially Right Now

I've been genuinely moved by the many condolences I've received on the death of my brother, Kenneth Walters.  I'm very grateful for them.I want to express my heartfelt thanks to all who have offered their sympathy.  (I may or may not get a chance to thank each person individually; with, among other things, a lecture on the east coast on Monday evening and my brother's funeral in California later in the week, I'm a bit overwhelmed.  And, candidly, I'm also slightly dysfunctional … [Read more...]

New “Mormon Voices” Website is Positive LDS Voice

This was my Deseret News column on Thursday: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/765561793/New-MormonVoices-website-is-positive-LDS-voice.htmlI've noticed that a number of critics on the internet, responding to my column, are claiming that the Mormon Voices project is designed to "suppress" or "banish" free and open public discussion of Mormonism.I've re-read my article, and I can't see any basis in it or in the self-description and procedures of Mormon Voices for so hysterical and paranoid a … [Read more...]

My Beloved Brother (d. 23 March 2012)

My dear brother -- my only sibling, but, strictly speaking, my half-brother (we didn't even share last names), though we never thought of ourselves as half-brothers -- died of a sudden heart attack just a couple of hours ago in southern California.Though he was ten years my senior, we were extremely close.  I love him more than I can possibly express, and, though normally pretty unemotional,  I'm writing this through aching eyes, tears, sobs, and a persistent sense of disbelief.It's so … [Read more...]

Randy Bott Says Romney No Different Than Obama

Well, actually, no.  He didn't.I just find that the hits on my blog soar whenever I say anything about Randy Bott.  (Just exactly why that should be so is a bit of a mystery to me.) But Rick Santorum did say that Mitt Romney is no different than Barack Obama.And he's catching some well-deserved flak for it -- from, among many others, this conservative writer who is typically rather unfriendly to Romney.Even Newt Gingrich tweeted that "Rick Santorum is dead wrong. Any GOP nominee will … [Read more...]

Randy Bott to “Retire” from BYU

It's been confirmed to the Provo Herald that Professor Randy Bott, who was quoted a while back as saying some controversial things to the Washington Post, will "retire" in June, at the end of Brigham Young University's spring term, and that he plans to serve a so-called "mission" for his church.Savvy observers, however -- often bearing brilliantly chosen pseudonyms -- are already pointing out on various message boards that the story just doesn't hold water.They're surely correct. First of … [Read more...]