Citizens Call for FBI Investigation of LDS Church

I got a kick out of this.

Incidentally, I’ve known Elder Robert Gay since long before he won the coveted privilege of going off for three years to live the high life at vast Church expense in Accra. Ghana, as a so-called “mission president.”  Even back then, he already spent lots of quality time partying in such hot spots as Ethiopia, and, no doubt, raking in vast profits in the casinos of Addis Ababa.

Sidewalk cafes and strolling street musicians
crowd one of the posh main boulevards
in Accra’s famed high tech financial district

Elder Gay is one of the finest, most impressive, and most service-oriented men I’ve ever met.  (I was already thinking of posting something specifically about him, and now I almost certainly will, when I get some more time.)  This slanderous little petition will, I’m confident, go right into the FBI’s “crackpot” file, where it will rest comfortably with requests to investigate the staging of the Apollo moon landings in a Florida broadcast studio and the murder of Abraham Lincoln by a Vatican-organized cabal of Jesuit priests.

Posted from Port Ludlow, Washington.

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