Grade Redistribution NOW!


Barack Obama has made it quite clear that, to some greater degree or other than we currently have, he favors the redistribution of wealth:


In that light, this is a really great idea.


After all, the same differences in opportunity, native talent, luck, health, and the like that affect wealth and earnings also impact grades and educational success.  In fact, low grades themselves obviously hinder people from becoming brain surgeons, lawyers, MBAs, classics professors, and engineers, and thus keep them from earning the relatively larger amounts of money that such folks typically receive.


So why not redistribute grades?


NIMBY — Not in My Backyard — isn’t, on the whole, a cogent counterargument.


So . . .


From each according to his ability!  To each according to his needs!


Confronting left-leaning college students with this idea is rather like the notion of arbitrarily failing students who argue for moral relativism in ethics and philosophy classes.  (On what grounds could they reasonably complain?)  Like James Stewart’s character in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1948 film Rope, they’re confronted with the distasteful reality of their ideas.  And that’s good for the soul.



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