Putting the Republican War against Dogs in Context

I’ve already admitted to being a dedicated foot soldier in the Republican war against dogs.

One of the most weighty criticisms against Mitt Romney is his barbaric treatment, decades ago, of his family pet, Seamus, which plainly reveals Mr. Romney to be a cruel and horrible human being, unworthy of the American presidency.

But now it turns out that, decades ago, Barack Obama used to eat dogs.  (Keep reading.  This last link goes on quite a bit beyond the point where I, at least, first thought it was ending.  And it’s pretty funny.)

Oy!  Maybe the Obama campaign will just have to concentrate on attacking stay-at-home moms.

The woman above has never worked a day in her life.  But she’s still worthy of respect, because her Golden Retriever stew is lip-smackin’ good!

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