The Magnitude of the Challenge before Mitt Romney

I was always irritated when, during the debates, one or another of the Republican candidates would say, with a grand gesture of the hand, that any of the people on the stage could beat Barack Obama.


Michelle Bachman?  Ron Paul?  Or, even more implausibly, Herman Cain?

Such overconfidence often goes before a great humiliation, and the sooner Republicans and conservatives get over it, the better.

It’s true that Barack Obama is a leftist ideologue and, at the same time, a tyro who is quite obviously out of his depth.  It’s true, too, that his record is far below mediocre, and that he’s putting the continued health and security of our nation at risk.

But he’s got a natural constituency — in a previous post, I cited Bernard Shaw’s quip that any scheme to rob Peter in order to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul — he has an enormous financial war chest, and the mainstream media continue to be very deeply in his pocket.

He won’t be easy to beat.

And if you don’t believe me on that, take a look at this electoral college map from Real Clear Politics.

I’m convinced that, of all the Republican candidates, Mitt Romney has, and has always had, the best chance of defeating Mr. Obama.  And I believe, with the legendary former CEO of General Electric, Jack Welch, that Governor Romney is a remarkably qualified candidate.

But Mr. Romney has his work cut out for him.

Those who care about getting Barack Obama out of the White House and away from the levers of power are going to have to really commit to it.  They’re going to have to work at it, to unite, to donate, to volunteer, to speak to and convince friends, to recruit other supporters, donors, and volunteers.

I pledge to do what I can.  I think this is an extraordinarily important election.

Unfettered by any need to appeal again for the support of the American electorate, I believe that Obama’s ideological inclinations will be unleashed to full and destructive effect.   (See this, for example.)  He’ll be able, among many other things, to appoint several Supreme Court justices, who will dominate American law for the next generation.  Obamacare will become and remain the law of the land.

I hope that others will join in, too, in the effort to send Barack Obama into early retirement.

If you’ve never donated or volunteered for a political campaign, this would be a very good time to start.

On the other hand, if you support Mr. Obama, please do nothing at all.  In fact, I encourage you to bask in complacent security.  Your guy’s a guaranteed winner.  Take a nap.  Then roll over and take another one.  Have you considered giving a large donation to the Audubon Society or the American Cancer Society or the Nature Conservancy?  If not, please do so.  Use up all of your disposable funds.  Then go back to sleep.  Please.  Your country’s future may depend upon your inaction.

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