A Total War against Islam?

If this story is accurate — and I’ve occasionally heard vague rumors about such a thing, so, sadly, I don’t doubt it — the course that was being taught was an outrage.

‘Usama b. Ladin, Ayman al-Zawahiri, Abu Mus‘ab al-Zarqawi, and their ideological allies have long taught that Islam and the West are locked in a struggle to the death.  It’s not helpful (to put it very mildly) when some in the West agree with them.

And the claim isn’t true, anyway.

I’ve devoted a fair amount of my professional career — including a number of lectures to military personnel (e.g., to LDS chaplains, to the Utah National Guard, and to cadets at the Air Force Academy) — to promoting better and more sympathetic understanding of Islam in the West.

This doesn’t entail being uncritical or less than candid, but there’s a vast gulf between that and teaching U.S. military officers that, ultimately, American will be obliged to fight a war of annihilation against Islam.

Really, this story is quite depressing.  Fortunately, the course appears to have been terminated.  If only it had never been taught . . .

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