“Aardman’s ‘Pirates!’”

As I’ve noted, the Other Deseret News Peterson seems to have been very busy scribbling away over the past month, while his increasingly decrepit paternal unit was stumbling around in the Near East .

I’ve already mentioned three items:




But he actually published four film-related items while Der Alte was in Israel, so don’t miss this one.


And now, as a bonus to those who’ve looked in on this entry, I offer a free video recommendation:

I am, at the moment, suffering through my 832nd cold of the past twelve months.  My energy level and enthusiasm are extremely low.  I can’t sleep at night, and so I’m not really awake during the day.  It makes evenings really long, as I have no interest in reading books (I can’t concentrate on them, anyway, being too tired), and I find myself just marking time until I can justify going to bed.  Where I sleep poorly.  (Rinse and repeat.)

So, two nights ago, I began watching a five-part British miniseries from PBS Masterpiece Theater entitled Collision.  I really liked it.  It started off just a bit confusingly, but soon I was hooked.  For reasons that will be apparent to those who watch it and who are familiar with Thornton Wilder’s 1927 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel The Bridge of San Luis Rey, it reminded me of that story just a bit.

Unfortunately, I watched the first three episodes on Thursday night, and finished off the concluding two episodes last night.  So now I need to find something else.


Incidentally, one of my many critics has taken to calling Sic et Non my “attack blog.”  (Sometimes he prefaces that label with the adjective “ridiculous.”)   Pretty funny.

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