Bienvenue à Mondo Bizarro

On the message board where my Malevolent Stalker holds forth, he and several of his acolytes have been hyperventilating for seven outraged pages now — and the thread may actually be picking up steam — about an alleged “smear” or “hit piece” that not a single one of them has even laid eyes on.  And the Stalker himself, who has been anonymously engaged in a ceaseless, malignant campaign of character assassination and defamation against me for the past six years, claims that I’m a “coward” for not responding to this idiocy.

These “weasels,” the Stalker’s most faithful disciple predicts (referring to me and some of my associates), “will continue to do their dirty work. . . .  They will continue on their smear parade in whatever sneaky, underhanded ways they can.”  We’re villains, he explains, because we hold those who disagree with us “up to public criticism, lampooning, and ridicule.”

A commentator for whom I have great respect characterized this situation as follows:

"Ending Tax Exemptions Means Ending Churches"
"Yes, Gay Marriage Hurts Me Personally"
"The Supreme Court Ratifies a New Civic Religion that is Incompatible with Christianity"
On judging people