Kenneth Dee Walters

My brother, during our last visit together
to my favorite region on earth, the Swiss Alps.

I was surprised to find this online last night, when, feeling somewhat melancholy (as I’ve been feeling quite a bit lately), I was looking to see whether my brother’s life had left any trace on the web.

It’s the note, written (I think) by his eldest son, that appeared in the program for his funeral.  (Which, I’m happy to say, was packed with people, from the front of the chapel all the way to the stage at the back of the cultural hall.)

On Memorial Day, I remember my brother.

Here are the five principal relevant entries that I posted in the immediate wake of his passing:

“My Beloved Brother (d. 23 March 2012)”

“Gratitude for Friends, Especially Right Now”

“Harvard, Riyadh, and Las Vegas”

“The Promise of Christ’s Atonement and Resurrection”

“Of Pastrami Dip Sandwiches and the Remembrance of Things Past”

I was struggling to cope with the shock and the pain.  The shock has largely subsided now.  The pain, however, continues surprisingly strong.

Very few others will be interested.  I realize that.  And I understand it.

But paying public tribute to my brother is really important to me.

How I wish I could speak directly to him!

I think — I hope — that he knew how I felt.  I wish, though, that I had been able to speak with him just one last time.

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