Memorial Day and Service to Our Ancestors

In yesterday’s column for the Deseret News, I wrote about Memorial Day, the virtue of remembering the dead, and Latter-day Saint belief in serving those who have gone before.

Responding to that column, one reader offered this thought-provoking and, to me, moving comment on a message board:

“I remember my Bishop telling us, the first time I went to do proxy baptisms, that some of the people we were baptizing had not had their name spoken, on this earth, for decades or even centuries, in some cases.  That just really impressed me, for some reason.  It made just speaking their names a great occasion, and a way to honor them.”

In that context, here’s a fine blog entry by Dr. Eric Samuelsen, recently retired from the theater program at Brigham Young University, on the Latter-day Saint practice of baptism for the dead.

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