“Middle Class Joe”

Reputed to be Joe Biden’s principal residence in his home state of Delaware.

Joe Biden, in my opinion, can sometimes be profoundly weird.  (And I’m not just talking about his many, many amusing verbal gaffes.)  For the past couple of days, he’s been waxing almost hysterical in public speeches, thumping the pulpit and bellowing denunciations of those who apparently claim that the American middle class has no dreams or aspirations, or something like that.

He hasn’t identified who the mysterious people are who are making this claim.  (Having just seen The Avengers, I’m betting that it’s the Chitauri.  They look like the kind of folk who would say such a thing, and they’re very probably Hollywood’s version of Republicans.)

Now, though, he’s complaining about all those people supposedly calling him “Middle Class Joe”:


And here’s some bonus stuff:

Joe Biden, son of British Labour politician Neil Kinnock’s coal-mining father.

Joe Biden sings an autobiographical song.

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