On the Recent Obama Attacks against Romney and Bain Capital

These men, and other men and women of their ilk, are responsible for severing literally thousands of arms and legs each year.

Covered with the blood of people who have committed no crimes, people who have typically been rendered unconscious by them and their lavishly-paid associates, they hack and saw away at innocent human flesh.

They eviscerate defenseless men, women, and children.

They rip unborn infants untimely from the womb.

They tear hearts and kidneys, livers and gall bladders from still-living bodies.

Some of them specialize in pulling out teeth.

They carry knives, and they don’t hesitate to use them, every day.

Sometimes, these vultures even bombard their prey with large doses of radiation, while they themselves hide safely behind lead-lined barriers.  They make their victims consume nausea-inducing chemicals.  The hair of their human targets often falls out, and many of their victims die.

Unbelievably, they “earn” enormous amounts of money from this grisly “work.”

The government urgently needs to step in and protect us from these evil, greedy, predatory traffickers in human mutilation.*

* Of course, with Obamacare, maybe that’s exactly what the government is doing.

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