Dr. Barack and Mr. Obama

An excellent article by the excellent Victor Davis Hanson on the strangely unfocused image of our president.To which I add these questions:  Mr. Obama was estimated already in 2010 to have a net worth of approximately $10.5 million.  How did he come to be worth so much after a career spent largely as a community organizer in the poorer sectors of Chicago, a state legislator, a part-time lecturer at a law school, and a part-of-a-single-term, very junior senator?  And on what basis … [Read more...]

Texans, Do Your Duty!

A year or so ago, Pulitzer Prize-winning conservative commentator George Will called him "a candidate as good as it gets."Yet it's very possible that Ted Cruz is going to lose in the Texas Republican primary today.I hope not. … [Read more...]

“Men in Black 3″

I don't believe that I've mentioned this little piece, written by the most recent chip off of the increasingly old block.Having seen Men in Black 3 on Friday, though, I agree with Junior -- both as to the good and as to the bad. … [Read more...]

Quelle horreur! Mitt and Ann Romney are . . . Rich!

Successes?  Successes?  We don't need no stinkin' successes!http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/301090/itimesi-romneys-still-rich-mona-charenThey're not the kind of people we want running this country.We want somebody who has no experience in the private sector or meeting a payroll.A community organizer (whatever that is, exactly) and part-time lecturer -- that's the ticket! … [Read more...]

Kenneth Dee Walters

My brother, during our last visit togetherto my favorite region on earth, the Swiss Alps.I was surprised to find this online last night, when, feeling somewhat melancholy (as I've been feeling quite a bit lately), I was looking to see whether my brother's life had left any trace on the web.It's the note, written (I think) by his eldest son, that appeared in the program for his funeral.  (Which, I'm happy to say, was packed with people, from the front of the chapel all the way to the stage … [Read more...]

For Dad (at His Funeral)

    For DadWritten 30 June 2003Delivered 3 July 2003 (Rose Hills Cemetery, Whittier, California)First of all, I want to thank all those who have helped Mom and Dad through these last, difficult, years.  The ward.  Their home teacher, Gary Walburger.  Mom’s visiting teacher, Lou Ann Hatch.  Particularly Angelina, Virginia, Blanca, Gus, my aunt Mary, and—most especially—my brother, Kenneth.I’ve written my remarks out, hoping that I might have a better chance of gettin … [Read more...]


I woke up this morning after an extraordinarily unpleasant dream in which my right arm had been surgically removed at some point in the indefinite past (for some medical reason or another) and my left arm was about to be removed (for the same reason, whatever it was).I have no idea where that came from.  (Some of my critics will, doubtless, be able to come up with a satisfyingly demeaning pop-psychoanalytic explanation, but I'll leave that to them.)  I've never before had such a … [Read more...]

Peterson’s First Rule for the Study of Other Religions

Dr. Huston SmithMore than two decades ago now, I spent a summer in Berkeley, California, participating in a small seminar led by the preeminent student of comparative religions Huston Smith and sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities.It was an extraordinary and memorable experience on many levels -- not the least of which was being able to attend a complete performance of Wagner's "Ring Cycle" over at the San Francisco Opera during my stay in Berkeley -- but I'll focus on just one … [Read more...]