Passover, Late

My wife and I led a Passover seder this evening for the singles ward in which my former executive secretary (from my first eighteen months or so as a bishop) now lives.  (I know, I know.  It’s no longer Passover season.  But one does what one can.)

I enjoy being involved in such occasions.  They seem to me a wonderful teaching opportunity to talk about Exodus, Passover, Last Supper, the sacrament, bondage, deliverance, atonement, Elijah, and a host of other Gospel themes.  I would like to see Latter-day Saints learn more about the Passover, and am happy when some incorporate it into their own practices at least once.

I just wish that I had been in better voice tonight.  I’m finally beginning to come out of a very bad cold, but was still feeling quite a bit off.

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