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Joe Biden’s reputed home in Delaware, after the addition of its new wing.

“Shoeless Joe” Biden got a bit excited the other day, speaking to some of his pitchfork-wielding peers among the impoverished laboring masses of Ohio:

He’s really angry at rich elitists like the fellow who owns this multimillion-dollar home, situated on 4.5 acres with a private waterfront in Wilmington, Delaware:

And, to add insult to injury, the wealthy, arrogant, and out-of-touch gentleman who owns the house above currently serves as Vice President of the United States.  Thus, he also has a rather posh official residence in the nation’s capital, on the grounds of the United States Naval Observatory:

Can you really blame Shoeless Joe for being angry at a man who enjoys such wealth and privilege?  How can such a person possibly grasp the dreams and aspirations of poor working men and women like Joe Biden?

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