A Bogus Anti-Christian Argument Claims Yet Another Naïve Victim

Mithra, with Sun and Moon

Sometimes, from where I sit, it’s just plain depressing.  And frustrating.

Only a few minutes ago, I ran across the following on a message board, written by an anonymous woman who apparently lives right here in Utah County:

“Any lingering belief I had in Jesus’s divinity is now a pile of smouldering ashes. I downloaded a free ebook from www.forgottenbooks.org (I’ve gotten some really cool free books from there) that was written a century ago. It compares the Jesus myth to similar and older pagan myths.

“Because I was raised Catholic, I had a basic understanding of how Catholicism adopted pagan holy days and turned them into Christian holy days. I had no idea that there were older beliefs such as the Mithra cult that were are so similar to the Christ story that it was just creepy.

“I had mixed feelings as I read the first two chapters of this book. But as I turned each page, I could feel the last of my belief falling away like ‘scales from my eyes’ as they say in the scriptures.

“I felt more free and more free as I read each page. Free to think for myself. Free to act in my own consciousness out of concern and responsibility towards my fellow humans and the other life forms I share this planet with.

“It was hard to walk away from Joseph Smith and his pretty stories; Jesus is the last story I walk away from, and the hardest.”

I’m reasonably confident that the old book to which she refers is the one that I discussed, briefly, here:



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