“Jus’ Wipe Yer Shoes Off ‘Fore Ya Come In, an’ Please Don’ Bring Yer Pitchfork”

Yes indeed, little people!  British-born Anna Wintour (pronounced “Winter”), editor of the U.S. edition of Vogue, and her friends Sarah Jessica Parker and Michelle Obama (pronounced Meeeshell by Ms. Wintour) are saving the two best seats for you and a companion of your choice at an Obama fundraising dinner in New York City on 14 June:


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Anna Wintour, OBE

In case you’re unfamiliar with Ms. Wintour:  Miranda Priestly, the fashion editor played by Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada — which was written by Ms. Wintour’s former personal assistant, Lauren Weisberger — is generally believed to have been modeled upon Ms. Wintour, who, because of her amiable disposition and common touch, is sometimes nicknamed “Nuclear Wintour.”

And she and her friends are eager — really, honestly, they are — to hear your opinions.  Don’t believe me?  Listen to the ad!

They absolutely love to listen to the peasantry.  Just like — guys, this is for you — those attractive and skimpily-clad blondes on late-night cable television are hovering by the phone, arching their backs and rolling on their beds, desperately waiting for your call on their 1-900 telephone number.

Sarah Jessica Parker
Lucky you, all dressed up in your finest peasant costume
and accompanied by a significant other 
(as well as by your spouse or escort)
en route to Ms. Wintour’s dinner

On 12 June, just prior to the dinner in New York, Ms. Wintour will be in Chicago for a fundraiser with yet another contingent of ninety-nine-percenters, models Iman and Chanel Iman and fashion designer Rachel Roy.

Iman, everybody’s girl next door

Chanel Iman
Rachel Roy
Soon, perhaps, they’ll build a little peasant village in a hidden corner of one of their estates, where they’ll be able to wear colorful country outfits and enjoy the lifestyle of the common people:
In the meantime, though, here’s the bottom line:
Romney the unfeeling plutocrat, rich and out-of-touch servant of the rich, must be defeated! 

Bill Maher knows it.  He’s contributed fully a million dollars from his own hard-earned wages to support Barack Obama’s re-election:

Bill Maher (at right) and a friend

George Clooney has scraped together roughly fifteen million dollars from even his cash-strapped fellow-laborers.  That’s how much he cares:

Mr. George Clooney and Mr. Barack Obama, working together for your good.

Cast your vote for the common man.  Vote for Barack Obama!

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