Viva Wisconsin!

Congratulations to the voters of Wisconsin for their admirable decision today.

Real change.  Offering real hope.

Incidentally, I read a piece a few days ago, which I cannot now find, in which the author laid out a way of interpreting the then-still-future Wisconsin results.

If Walker were recalled from office, the author said, that would be a very bad omen for Mitt Romney’s prospects come November, not only in Wisconsin but nationally.

If Walker were to win, but by a very narrow margin, that would presage a tight presidential race in the state and probably beyond.

But if Walker were to win by, say, five percentage points, that would, the article said, be a very positive sign for the Romney campaign.

Walker appears to have won by roughly nine points.

Now, I’m aware that certain exit polls have Obama still beating Romney there in Wisconsin.  And that may be true.  (MSNBC made it almost the top story of the evening.  And, oh yes, there was this recall election.)  On the other hand, exit polling hasn’t proven entirely reliable in recent election cycles.

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