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I’m traveling in an area and staying in places where Internet access typically costs, and costs dearly.  That fact, coupled with the fact that I’m unfamiliar with Patheos procedures — I only moved this blog to Patheos a few hours before I left North America and entered regions of expensive and iffy access — means that I’m getting only intermittent glimpses at comments, etc.  I’ll do better when I return, and I apologize in the meantime.


I did see one comment, though, that wondered whether this blog represents the kind of thing that ought to be on Patheos.  I’m not competent to speak to that subject.  (I’m aware that at least one vocal individual out there has voted an emphatic and public “No!”)  But I can say this:  For months before I came to Patheos, I was blogging elsewhere about religion, politics, movies, music, and just about anything that came to my mind.  I was happy doing it, and happy where I was.  I even had some readers.  (Far more than I had expected.)  Now that I’m here, and for as long as I’m here, I intend to continue doing what I was doing.  I didn’t approach Patheos to blog on their site.  They approached me, knowing full well the kind of things I blog about.  I responded that I didn’t want to change my approach, and they replied that I didn’t need to change my approach.  I had already turned down an invitation to move the blog to a place where they wanted me to concentrate only on religious issues.


Thus, this blog won’t always be about religion.  It will sometimes be about a poem I like, or a play or a movie I’ve seen, or a political event that pleases or irritates or worries me, or about the Middle East, or a good restaurant, or a favorite novel, or a place I’ve visited, or a new publication that I want to recommend, or a controversy about which I want to bloviate.  The political angle — an important facet of my interests — has been muted for the past 2.5 weeks because I’ve been getting relatively little access to news.  The travelogue angle, though, has been getting disproportionate play because . . . well, I’m traveling.


At the risk of seeming impertinent, insouciant, or arrogant — the very least of my exceptionally many sins, according to certain of my critics — may I point out that, if you don’t like what you read here, or if you find it uninteresting, there’s a very simple remedy?


Maria Alm, Austria.


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  • http://www.ericstoddardconsulting.com Eric Stoddard

    Could you comment on the best Wienerschnitzel you have found? It may be a bit pedestrian but you are in the best place on earth to consume my favorite dish.

  • hc1951

    Good point. Y’ know, much as I enjoy your musings, I don’t read ‘em ALL ;-)

  • Elizabeth Mills

    From what I’ve read at Patheos (I’ve mostly spent time in the evangelical section), it seems that your blog fits right in. Others also write about religion on occasion, but generally write about whatever they are thinking or experiencing at the time.
    I was following your blog at it’s original location, and was excited to see it move to Patheos.
    My family and I have been in turns upset, saddened, angered, and disheartened by the happenings at the Maxwell Institute; my condolences. Thank you for all of your great work with FARMS through the years.

  • Micaela Webb

    Don’t change a thing. I love your blog.

  • JL

    I don’t know the difference between one blog site or another. I like what you write–keep it coming.