Whining, Followed by Something Good


As I think I’ve made pretty obvious, I hate to fly.  Yet I do it a lot.  In fact, I’ve just disembarked from a multi-hour flight, and I’m about to board an even longer one.

Yet, especially when I’m flying domestically, I think about the Mormon pioneers and, for that matter, about all nineteenth-century pioneers.

I doubt that they would be overly sympathetic to my plaintive whining about having to spend 4-5 whole hours — in a middle seat, no less! — crossing the continent while subsisting on little more than 8-10 pretzels, a cookie, and two cups of ice with some apple juice in them.  (In fairness, of course, “Delta Airlines is pleased to offer $578 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to all of our customers in Peasant Class.”)

To coin a phrase:  It’s all relative.

But here’s the good thing:  While waiting in the Salt Lake Airport, I spoke with a member of the Church in an excellent position to know who told me that, in the wake of last year’s terrible tsunami, Latter-day Saints in Japan have been very active in relief and clean-up efforts, including — I had not heard this before, but I’m delighted to learn of it — restoring damaged Buddhist temples.  This tallies very nicely with an earlier post (maybe a couple of weeks ago, or so) on this blog, to which I would post a link if I weren’t about to catch a plane, if I had more reliable internet service here at JFK (it’s been off and on), and if I were quicker with this new blogging software.

Posted, with considerable internet difficulty, from New York City.