It’s OK to Disagree, Not Dehumanize, When Discussing Religion



Here’s a Hamblin/Peterson column that appeared in Salt Lake City’s Deseret News over the weekend.


Incidentally, despite the caption I’m reasonably sure that the church in question is not in Cairo.  Unless it’s over somewhere in the Muqattam Hills, in a location where I’ve never been, there is no place that looks like that in Cairo — which is built on a flood plain at the apex of the Nile Delta.


If I were going to guess, I actually think it looks like the Wadi Kelt in Palestine, though I could be wrong.  (I haven’t walked through Wadi Kelt for almost twenty years now.)


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  • MESA geek’s husband

    So I did a reverse image search of that picture here:

    And all three results say something about Cairo.

    • danpeterson

      Well, could be, I suppose. I just don’t recall ever seeing a landscape like that in Cairo. Unless, as I say, it’s over somewhere by the Muqattam Hills.

      Cairo is a large, flat place, without cliffs or even obvious natural features (apart from the Nile). But there are those hills over on the east . . .

  • Ryan

    It seems you are correct — per Google, it is the Church of Saint Simon the Tanner at Muqattam.