In Case You Hear Loud Braying


  I'm going to be on KSL Radio in Salt Lake City today -- maybe I've already been on the air today -- in a half-hour interview regarding apologetics.  (The interview was recorded in studio early last Thursday evening.)  Trouble is, I don't know when Martin Tanner's Religion Today program is aired, and I haven't been able to find that information. Still, I thought somebody out there might know . . .  and care. The occasion for the interview is the 20 … [Read more...]

Secular Left Tyranny?


  This, in my opinion, is truly frightening. (Compare this.) I don't mind boycotts, but I really, really get nervous when government officials begin talking this way.  I would get nervous even if they were on my side. I'm feeling curiously hungry for chicken right now.   … [Read more...]

“You Didn’t Build That”


  Every once in a while, Barack Obama lets something slip (e.g., during his previous presidential campaign, his comment to "Joe the Plumber" about redistributing the wealth and his dismissive remark to elite donors about how the common folk in western Pennsylvania "cling to their guns and religion") that grants us a glimpse into his genuine core socio-political beliefs. One of the clearest views offered by the current campaign has come with his now notorious … [Read more...]

Is God a Moral Monster?


  Many people — seekers, believing Christians, even some Latter-day Saints — have problems with the portrayal of God in the Old Testament. Probably even more people just have problems with the Old Testament itself, because they find it hard to follow.  This is, I think, very unfortunate, both because the Old Testament is at the foundation of all Judeo-Christian faith and because, among other things, it’s a rich treasure house of history, moral lessons, inspir … [Read more...]

“Military-Style Weapons”


  An interesting article from Professor John Lott, one of the most careful and informed writers on gun policy in the United States.  It's refreshing, amid all the hysteria, to hear a calm, reasoned, factual voice.  … [Read more...]

“Are Mormons Closer to Muslims or Christians?” by Ms. Eliza Wood


  A certain Ms. Eliza Wood has just posted an extraordinarily inept entry on Huffington Post entitled "Are Mormons Closer to Muslims or Christians?" Are Mormons more like Christians than like Muslims? Her answer is "No." First of all, of course, the question is misconceived.  It's rather like asking whether Fords are closer to automobiles or water buffaloes.  Fords are automobiles.  And Mormons are Christians. But perhaps M … [Read more...]

Romney and Churchill


  I heard a snippet of commentary today about some remarks that Mitt Romney recently made in London.  He apparently said that, should he be elected president, the bust of Winston Churchill that Barack Obama notoriously removed from the Oval Office will return.  The commentator thought it absurd and self-contradictory for Governor Romney to be praising Mr. Churchill when, apparently, in some book or book manuscript somewhere, Governor Romney has also said that it was only t … [Read more...]

My Boundless Dishonesty


   One of my crazier critics is now evidently claiming that I hurriedly joined the board of Salt Press in order to improve my public image after the very recent unpleasantness at the Maxwell Institute. I joined the Salt Press board between eighteen months and two years ago, to the best of my recollection.  Maybe longer than that.  I think I've been there from the first, or nearly so. This sort of nonsense reminds me of one of my favorite a … [Read more...]