Salt Press



I would like to call attention to a relatively new Mormon publishing venture, Salt Press, that is issuing books demonstrating close, deep, and sophisticated readings of Latter-day Saint scriptural texts.


When I was informed of the new course to which the Maxwell Institute is now committed, these volumes from Salt Press were offered to me as a prime example of the kind of thing the Institute ought to be sponsoring.


Evidently, though, it was ultimately judged that I constituted too much of an obstacle and an opponent to such endeavors, so I was summarily dismissed from editorship of the Mormon Studies Review.


Now.  Hold that thought.  And then take a look at the Editorial Board of Salt Press.


"State Department, governors guard for threat on July 4"
President Boyd K. Packer dead at ninety
New Testament 193
Personal encounters with Elder Packer (Part 1)
  • http://None Lew Craig

    I am impressed with the offerings of Salt Press. I’m no great intellect, but am working my way through “An Other Testament.” It is amazing and indeed has changed the way I read “The Book of Mormon.” More! More!

  • Gerald Smith

    Everyone have their score cards out?

    Old FARMS Dan = bad.
    New Salt Press Dan = good.

    Seriously, I think Salt Press’ work is extraordinary. I think it definitely is a key direction for the apologetic work to move forward. That said, it does not need to be the only direction.

  • Michael Towns

    Joe Spencer’s work is groundbreaking. The Book of Mormon continues to astound and astound and astound, if only people would take it seriously enough………

  • christine

    EVERYONE wants to know why you really were dismissed from MI….. no one will accept that you were just suddenly an “obstacle and opponent”
    . afer all you served there for some decades
    my husband who is not LDS keeps saying FARMS embezzled funds. do you really want people to say that ?