Salt Press



I would like to call attention to a relatively new Mormon publishing venture, Salt Press, that is issuing books demonstrating close, deep, and sophisticated readings of Latter-day Saint scriptural texts.


When I was informed of the new course to which the Maxwell Institute is now committed, these volumes from Salt Press were offered to me as a prime example of the kind of thing the Institute ought to be sponsoring.


Evidently, though, it was ultimately judged that I constituted too much of an obstacle and an opponent to such endeavors, so I was summarily dismissed from editorship of the Mormon Studies Review.


Now.  Hold that thought.  And then take a look at the Editorial Board of Salt Press.


New Testament 165
"Heads LGBTs win, tails Christians lose"
"The tolerant jeweler who harbored impure opinions about same-sex marriage"
On the need for interreligious peace
  • http://None Lew Craig

    I am impressed with the offerings of Salt Press. I’m no great intellect, but am working my way through “An Other Testament.” It is amazing and indeed has changed the way I read “The Book of Mormon.” More! More!

  • Gerald Smith

    Everyone have their score cards out?

    Old FARMS Dan = bad.
    New Salt Press Dan = good.

    Seriously, I think Salt Press’ work is extraordinary. I think it definitely is a key direction for the apologetic work to move forward. That said, it does not need to be the only direction.

  • Michael Towns

    Joe Spencer’s work is groundbreaking. The Book of Mormon continues to astound and astound and astound, if only people would take it seriously enough………

  • christine

    EVERYONE wants to know why you really were dismissed from MI….. no one will accept that you were just suddenly an “obstacle and opponent”
    . afer all you served there for some decades
    my husband who is not LDS keeps saying FARMS embezzled funds. do you really want people to say that ?