Exotic Tastes


I had an interesting lunch today with a couple of people who have much of intense interest to say on issues related to Mormonism, the Book of Mormon, and the temple.  (You’ve perhaps read some of it, and will be reading more.  Good things are on their way.)


We ate at the India Palace, on Center Street in Provo.


I remember, when I was first a student at BYU, that the place to eat out was Denny’s.  Of course, if you wanted exotic, foreign food, there was Taco Bell.


The lunch buffet today was really good.  And there’s Bombay House.  And there are several good Thai restaurants in the vicinity.  And . . .   Well, things are better here these days.  Have been, actually, for quite a while..  Still, I hope that people will patronize these restaurants, so that they’ll flourish.





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  • https://mormonscriptureexplorations.wordpress.com/ Bill Hamblin

    India Palace in Provo has great food. (http://indiapalaceut.com/) And it’s run by Utah Valley’s local Sikhs.

  • Kent G. Budge

    When I was at BYU, the closest thing to international food was the Brick Oven Pizza place southwest of campus. Though my recollection is that we generally preferred greasy, cheap pizza delivered to the dormitories by an outfit whose name escapes me.

  • Mark Jasinski

    Heaps a Pizza?

    When will Provo get a really good pho restaurant?

  • christine

    oh heck, a Sikh restaurant. Will we all be shot if we eat there. I an allergic to almost all foods. just give me a salad no tomatoes.