Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture


I’m very excited to announce the launch of Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture.


For more information about the new journal and about its great features, see this article by Bryce Haymond, our technical guru.


It’s really a thrill to be working with Alison Coutts again, too.  She stepped up to do the typesetting.


I could not possibly be happier with the way this has worked out.  I only returned to the United States, after six weeks overseas (during which time I was dismissed as editor of the Mormon Studies Review and publication of the Review itself was suspended), late on Sunday, 24 July.  On Thursday of that week, I believe, a group of us met and decided to launch the new journal.  And here, just slightly more than a week later, it’s on its way.  The first article is up, with more to follow very soon.  It will be first rate.



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"There need to be some clear questions raised."
  • Stephen Smoot

    This is fantastic! I have already ordered a print copy!
    To borrow the title of my favorite Dickens novel, I have great expectations for this new scholarly endeavor.

  • Bryan Stephen Kerr

    Allison and I sat in on one of Paul H.’s North West Semitic Inscriptions classes. She was absolutely brilliant. She had an astounding command of the English language. Happy to hear that she is apart of this endeavor.

    • Robert F. Smith

      Allison also knows German. Very happy to hear that she’s on board.

  • Bryce

    Thank you, Dan, for inviting me to be a part of it. I’m truly honored, and thrilled.

    Did you mean to link to my article?

    • danpeterson

      Yes indeed, Bryce. I did mean to link to your article. I actually thought I had done it, until just a few minutes ago. Must have gotten distracted.

  • Kevin Christensen

    Well done. This is very good news. I’ll be very interested to follow the work here.


    Kevin Christensen
    Bethel Park, PA

    • danpeterson

      I hope you’ll consider submitting something to it.

  • Michael Towns

    Very very excited and looking forward to this.

    • danpeterson

      So am I.

      Thanks to everybody for the supportive comments.

  • Elizabeth W

    Bravo and many congratuations! Tne site looks great, and nobody can say that the new journal isn’t readily available. As soon as I can figure out what all those formats are, I’ll be signing up. The board of editors is impressive—it’s good to see so many familiar names on it. If ever you need a copy editor to keep Alison from overwork, I cheerfully volunteer. With your permission, I may even try my hand at writing an article or two.

  • Nate

    Most excellent!

  • Somebodyz

    Well done. Best wishes for great success to all those involved.

  • Robyn Amis

    So glad you landed on your feet! Randy and I are really looking forward to reading this new journal. Best Wishes! See you at education week.

  • JL

    I’ve collected a few of David’s writings on the Divine Council, and now you’ve added another. This is a great way to launch your journal.