“John Sununu’s Greatest Hits”




Here’s a brief video montage of some of the more, umm, spirited moments from John Sununu’s frequent appearances on television as a Romney surrogate.


Sununu (B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology), former three-term governor of New Hampshire and White House chief of staff under George H. W. Bush, Havana-born and of Palestinian and Salvadoran parentage, can be very fun to watch.


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  • christine

    Bev Oda had to resign over 1 or so nights in the Savoy because she had the Canadian Tax Payer pick up the bill. By comparison Sununu truly has Mega Society potential in every respect, since he managed to get the Tax Payer to suck up 600,000 $ or so in jet air travel. I think he paid back 50,000. WOW. So in regards to the Soledad O’Brien incident. Does everybody think that getting money from Peter to pay Paul is smart ?I.e. rip off Medicare to get Obamacare, which I still cannot see anyone sign up for unless held at gunpoint if it really will cost 600 or so dollars per month. In addition now, I guess old folks will have to go begging from town to town in their search of a doctor that a) has the skills to treat them and b) is of the almost extinct species which accepts Medicare patients…