“Mormonism and the Temple”



I would like to announce a conference on “Mormonism and the Temple: Examining an Ancient Religious Tradition” that will be held in Logan, Utah, on 29 October 2012.


Details are available here, but it might pique your interest to know that Margaret Barker, the English Methodist biblical scholar whose work many Latter-day Saints (including myself) have found so remarkably stimulating, will be the conference’s keynote speaker.



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  • JL

    I’m always confused by scholars of other faiths who learn so much about the temple, but their knowledge fails to lead them to the receive those temple blessings for themselves.

    • http://mormon.org Tracy Hall Jr

      I believe that there are good people whose mission on earth is to be a friend of the Kingdom. Thomas L. Kane comes to mind. If all our friends became Mormons, we wouldn’t have any friends.