Oliver Cowdery’s Earliest Known Written Testimony?

An 1840s daguerrotype of Oliver Cowdery. Found in 2006, it is the earliest known image of the "Second Elder" of the Church.

  An independent researcher by the name of Erin Jennings may have located passages from the earliest account yet known of Oliver Cowdery's experience as one of the Three Witnesses to the Book of Mormon: http://www.juvenileinstructor.org/1829-mormon-discovery-brought-to-you-by-guest-erin-jennings/ Dated 9 November 1829 -- which is to say, nearly five months before the actual publication of the Book of Mormon -- the account is contained in a letter … [Read more...]

A Faith-Promoting Incident from High School

The Los Angeles County Courthouse

  Not too terribly long after I received my California driver's license, I had it suspended for a month.  And I deserved it. I was coming home from the library (of all things) on a Wednesday night, when a car full of people yelling my name came whizzing by very fast.  The street was relatively deserted, and, because I couldn't tell who they were, I tried to catch up with them.  (I was a sixteen-year-old male, and was thinking like one.)  As might have been pred … [Read more...]

A Rather Young Stranger in a Strange Land

No photos of my high school were satisfactory to me, so here's a picture of Mission San Gabriel Arcángel (1771), which is essentially across the street from it.

  I was an incoming freshman at San Gabriel High School in California when I discovered that my religious faith was somewhat controversial, and that some people really disliked Mormonism and, in some cases, Mormons. There was a young woman in my ward -- actually, she was (it seemed from my perspective) quite mature, since she was about to enter her junior or senior year, and she was also very attractive, which meant that I was somewhat in awe of her -- who was … [Read more...]

“The Coolness Cult”

Mona Charen

   Mona Charen offers her take on Mr. Obama's legendary "cool."   … [Read more...]

MItt: The Man

Mitt and Ann Romney Wedding Photo

  Barack Obama continues, apparently, to lead Mitt Romney by a considerable distance when Americans are polled on the question of the candidates' "likability." This is particularly galling to me because of what I know about Governor Romney from personal sources. Considerably before Mitt Romney took over the 2002 Winter Olympics, I had begun to take notice of him.  Why?  Because, somewhat coincidentally, I had gotten to know several people (Mormons a … [Read more...]

“John Sununu’s Greatest Hits”

John Sununu images-5

   Here's a brief video montage of some of the more, umm, spirited moments from John Sununu's frequent appearances on television as a Romney surrogate. Sununu (B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology), former three-term governor of New Hampshire and White House chief of staff under George H. W. Bush, Havana-born and of Palestinian and Salvadoran parentage, can be very fun to watch.  … [Read more...]

Of Logic and Pseudo-Logic


   I've just come across an excellent blog entry by Lance Starr regarding the charge of nasty and fallacious "ad hominem" attacks that has sometimes been leveled against me and others who were associated with the late, great FARMS Review.  Well done. … [Read more...]

“Hit the Road, Barack!” and Related Matters

This week's magazine cover

   Wow.  I honestly never expected to see anything like this in Newsweek.  Certainly not on the cover.  And especially nothing of this sort that had been written by a professor of history at Harvard who is also a senior research fellow at Oxford.  Such people typically cluster around the likes of . . . well, Barack Obama. Of course, there's still some lingering Obama-veneration out there.  (Technically, I believe it should be called hyperdulia.  I respe … [Read more...]