Captain Moroni, Secular Humanism, and Me

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  Many years ago, while I was in graduate school in California, I was summoned into his office by the bishop of my ward.  Two elderly women in the ward had complained to him that I was teaching "secular humanism" in Sunday school. I was the Gospel Doctrine teacher, and we were covering the last chapters of the book of Alma in the Book of Mormon. I'm again a Gospel Doctrine teacher, and, today, I taught from Alma 53-58. And, once again, … [Read more...]

Temple Studies Video Discussions

The Houston Texas Temple, led by Bryce M. Haymond (a member of the editorial board of Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture), is hosting a series of fireside-style video discussions on the topic of the temple. These discussions are being facilitated by the new Google+ Hangouts on Air, which allows a live panel discussion with up to ten contributors to gather virtually, via webcams, and permits discussants to broadcast their conversation online. The … [Read more...]

My Brother’s Keeper

St. Barack of Chicago

  If this is true, it's absolutely appalling.   … [Read more...]

“Vicious and Mean-Spirited”? It’s All Relative.


  My Canadian friend and quasi-colleague Dr. Greg Smith, formerly an associate editor of the late great FARMS Review/Mormon Studies Review, has shared with me the following, from the prominent American Eastern Orthodox theologian David Bentley Hart: "All of which tends to make rather hilarious a figure like John Spong, the quondam Episcopal bishop of Newark.  It was Spong who, in 1998, produced such a hysterical screed of a book, pompously entitled Why … [Read more...]

An Evangelical Political Ghetto?

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  I'm not sure that I agree that Evangelicals have marginalized themselves politically, as this Evangelical (whom I respect) appears to believe. But it's striking that the 2012 major party presidential tickets are, respectively, Barack Obama (liberal Protestant) and Joe Biden (Roman Catholic), on the one hand, and, on the other, Mitt Romney (Mormon) and Paul Ryan (Catholic), with nary an Evangelical in sight, and that the current Supreme Court lacks even a … [Read more...]

Economists for Romney

Adam Smith, one of the earliest and greatest of all economists

  I realize that sheer lists of endorsing authorities don't prove a position correct -- plainly, an impressive list of big-name contemporary scholars could have been assembled to counter Galileo, Copernicus, Pasteur, and Darwin -- but, surely, such lists do suggest that the positions they endorse need to be taken seriously. I regularly encounter claims that Mitt Romney's economic policy proposals are just plain nuts, not intellectually respectable, that they … [Read more...]

“Temple Themes in the Book of Moses”

Rexburg Idaho Temple

  I'm pleased to announce the appearance of a brief review by George L. Mitton, in Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture, of Jeffrey M. Bradshaw's Temple Themes in the Book of Moses.  … [Read more...]

Atheist Billboards and the National Political Conventions


   Above are two new billboards that, I understand, have been put up by American Atheists in Charlotte, North Carolina, in preparation for the Democratic National Convention.  They will remain up for a month.Billboard companies in Tampa, Florida, where the Republican National Convention is shortly to be held, refused to put at least the Mormon one up.  They may have also refused the more generic "Christian" one, but I'm not sure of t … [Read more...]