Sikh Religion is Distinct from Islam


The Golden Temple at Amritsar, India,
center of international Sikh pilgrimage


The latest Hamblin-Peterson column for the Saturday edition of the Deseret News in Salt Lake City.


This particular piece tries to provide readers with some very basic information regarding the Sikh faith.


I might mention, by the way, that one of the finest students that I’ve ever had at Brigham Young University was a young Sikh man by the name of Karandeep Singh.


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  • dangermom

    Very nice. I am always glad to see explanations–even though I live fairly close to one of the largest and oldest Sikh communities in California, I regularly meet people who do not know what Sikhism is and confuse adherents with Muslims because of the turbans.

  • christine

    I have a friend who is Sikh, He lives in Australia, that would be his blessing. i asked him what he thought about the killing….He said anyone will kill anyone who looks different….