George Will, regarding Mia Love


Mia Love,
Republican candidate for Congress


Another of my very favorite commentators is George Will.  Educated at Trinity College in Connecticut (B.A., Religion), Magdalen College, Oxford (B.A. and M.A., Philosophy, Politics, and Economics), and Princeton University (Ph.D., Politics), he has also won the Pulitzer Prize.


A day or two ago, he wrote about Mia Love’s candidacy for the new seat from Utah’s Fourth Congressional District:


I think Mia Love’s election to Congress would be wonderful for Utah.



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  • MP

    Sadly, the people who live in Love’s area don’t think it’d be too wonderfull. Turns out she’s more interested in campaigning than in principled governance.

    • danpeterson

      Huh. Well, okay. That’s a remarkable fact about her, and I’m sure it’s been revealed by rigorous and objective scientific investigation.

      As, I’m sure, has been the fact that the people in her area disapprove of her.

      Game over.

      I suppose there’s really no point in continuing with the election now. And, since it’s plainly been established that the people in her area don’t like her, shouldn’t she be turned out immediately as mayor of Saratoga Springs? Will any useful purpose really be served by waiting for the next mayoral election?