I’ve just returned from the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul, where I was sent by my wife to accomplish a small task.  She’s off elsewhere in the city with another member of our group, doing something related to the Istanbul Branch of the Church.  I was supposed to go with the rest of the group, but missed them.


I shouldn’t be let loose without adult supervision.


I ended up buying a piece of Arabic calligraphy that I really liked.  I’m not normally a shopper.  In fact, I’m really not.  But, alas, I did it.  And it was rather pricey.


What can I tell my wife?


Donations — or, barring that, offers of lodging or asylum — will be welcomed.


Posted from Istanbul.



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  • Stephen Smoot

    You say you don’t like spending money, yet I distinctly recall a certain BYU Arabic professor dropping $$$ at the FAIR book auction in a bidding war on an obscure book on esoteric Masonic symbolism. ;-)

    • danpeterson

      That must have been Jim Toronto. Or Dil Parkinson. Or Kirk Belnap.

      Anyway, it was a must-have. Or something like that.

      • Roger Nicholson

        I have pictures of the incident in question…

  • Suzanne Foster

    Just tell her you are really sorry (and be sincere), but it was a good deal for what you got and that you couldn’t pass it up. We ladies understand that logic, you know. Then offer for that to be a birthday or Christmas present from her to you, in other words she does not have to spend more money getting you something great for the next gift-giving occasion. And if you can afford it, and only if you truly can, offer that she can get something she really wants of a similar vein, maybe something she passed on because it was just a bit too much money. Generally, speaking as the wife of a historian who occasionally sees something that he absolutely loves, I always want him to be happy and am thrilled that he found something special. As long as suitable apologies are made and it does not happen very often, which in our house it truly doesn’t, then I don’t get upset. I am sure your lovely wife feels the same way about you.

    • danpeterson

      She’ll take it well. I’m just not sure that it really WAS a good deal. In fact, I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t. But I do like it. And it will look beautiful on one of our walls.

  • Onhech

    lets see pictures!

    • Kent G. Budge

      Um, yeah. We need to be sure we get your money’s worth.