Interchangeable Parental Units in a Carbon-Based Life Form


Spouse A and Spouse B,
or Spouse B and Spouse A


The drive toward same-sex marriage, we’re assured, will have no real repercussions for heterosexual marriage.


Such items as this, I confess, don’t altogether fill me with confidence on that score.  It will take a long time, generations perhaps, for the overall ramifications of officially sanctioned same-sex marriage to become more or less clear.


(My thanks to Nathaniel Hancock for bringing this article to my attention.)



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  • Raymond Takashi Swenson

    If someone proposed an experiment to interfere with the mating and parenting practices of animals in the wild, there would be cries of interference with nature and a requirement for hefty research and an environmental impact statement first. Yet we are venturing out on a massive experimentation on human subjects, many of them (children) without their consent. The whole project of same sex marriage flies in the face of the Precautionary Principle and other environmental ethical standards. It is like people who only eat orgsnic foods having a Botox injection in their faces. My guess is that most politically involved supporters of gay marriage are also active Greens concerned about the distant effects of their neighbor’s SUV on future climate, like Obama. But they throw caution to the wind on a fundanental social change that even gay-friendly societies like the ancent Greeks never contemplated.

  • Wendell

    Another chapter in The Fairness Follies.