“Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture”: Volume One is Now Available in a Printed and Bound Version


Johannes Gutenberg
and his printing press


Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture was designed, from the beginning, to be an online publication.  Not a print journal with an incidental online component but, first and foremost, an online publication.


We can make the online publication available for free, and that’s our preferred model.  It requires no printing and binding costs, no office, no distribution system, no shipping, no complicated bookkeeping, no inventory, no storage space, and, accordingly, can be done at very, very low cost.  We don’t anticipate and don’t count on sales revenue; we don’t expect to support this venture on the basis of retail income.


But we realize that some, for whatever reason, will prefer a tangible copy, in print.  (I myself am among that group; I look forward to holding a printed version of Interpreter in my hands.)


For that reason, there is now available — through Amazon.com — a printed version of the first volume of Interpreter for any who would like to order it:




It sells for cost; Interpreter derives no revenue from it.  We just thought that some would appreciate the option.


We’re pleased to offer the first volume of Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture.


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