“Mormon Scholars Testify”


Messages of faith from scholars who belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


Under time pressures, and particularly in the face of my recent travel schedule, I’ve let it slide just a bit.*  But it’s starting to move again, and I’m intending to give it more attention than I’ve been giving it of late:






“Mormon Scholars Testify” represents my modest attempt to comply with Elder M. Russell Ballard’s request that ordinary members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints share their faith in, and commitment to, the Restored Gospel on the Web.


With nearly 350 entries at this point, many of them relatively lengthy, the content of “Mormon Scholars Testify” would, I calculate, fill several published volumes.


I’m very pleased with it, and want it to gain a readership within and beyond the Church.  If you haven’t see it yet, please take a look.  Browse and enjoy.  There are some wonderful entries.



*  An indicator of how distracted I’ve been: Last night, I decided to put a new month’s pages into my Franklin DayPlanner.  (I know, I know.  But I still rather like the paper, and the sheer bulk of the thing.)  When I did so, I realized that I hadn’t yet replaced the pages from . . . March!  That was pretty much the time that the wheels fell off the bus.  My brother, the only other surviving member of my nuclear family, died suddenly on 23 March.  I still haven’t recovered from that.  I still can’t believe it.  And then came the utterly unexpected unpleasantness at the Maxwell Institute.  It’s been a miserable year.**


**  Late last night, by the way, and more or less by coincidence, I discovered that my colleague, former dean, and friend Richard Cracroft, whose funeral I attended just yesterday, had written a note to this blog clear back on 22 June, a week or so after my emailed dismissal as editor of the Mormon Studies Review and, effectively, as a leader (or even a faculty member) of the Maxwell Institute.  “Dan,” he wrote.  “I’m stunned, shocked, outraged at [X's] despicable act.  You have been a great blessing to the Latter-day Saint intellectual/spiritual community.  May it continue.  Richard.”  I’ve resolved to blog as little as possible about this matter from here on in (and decided to delete the name of the person to whom Richard referred), but I was horrified when I saw that note, and I post it here as an act of sorrowful apology:  I never saw it, and, accordingly, never thanked Richard for his kind support.  He was a wonderful man, a kind friend, utterly irreplaceable.  Many will miss him.  I’m very much one of them.




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  • Tom Walker

    Needless to say, Präsident Cracroft is well aware of your love for him, and he needn’t hear it from you in the flesh to know it.

  • Tom Walker

    FYI – In an email Prez sent me on June 25, he mentioned that you had responded to an email he had sent you on this subject. So while you may not have responded to that specific blog post, you probably did discuss the issue privately and didn’t leave him hanging.

  • Wendell

    Be encouraged Dan, there are many who are aware of your efforts and applaud you silently. No doubt we outnumber those who feel otherwise and are less subtle.