“An Open Letter to Dr. Michael Coe”

  In August, 2011, John Dehlin conducted a three-part interview with famed Mesoamericanist Michael Coe, an emeritus professor at Yale University.  Dehlin operates the podcast series "Mormon Stories," which features interviews discussing the faith and culture of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In the latest article published by Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture, Professor John L. Sorenson examines a large number of dubious claims made in … [Read more...]

“Try to Imagine Why Others Believe What They Believe”

 Today's offering in the Deseret News: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/765601871/Try-to-imagine-why-others-believe-what-they-believe.html   Posted from Istanbul.    … [Read more...]

I Love This Town

Galata Tower, looking toward the ancient city across the Golden Horn

  We headed out this morning with even more of our gradually arriving group and visited the sixteenth-century Süleymaniyye Mosque, one of Sinan's masterpieces.  (I'd post a photograph of it, but photographs have been causing me inordinate trouble on this hotel's WiFi.)  Then we spent time in the marvelous Archaeological Museum, followed by lunch and an ascent of Justinian's sixth-century Galata Tower, which offers yet another spectacular view of this spectacular ci … [Read more...]

Up the Bosphorus, and Sheer Magnificence


 Our small group -- still waiting for the larger group to arrive -- took a cruise up the Bosphorus for most of the day today.  Doing so, we were sailing on one of the most famous waterways in the world, a literally legendary marine passage.  Traditionally, the name comes from a legend about Io, a priestess of Hera, the wife of Zeus.  That famous philanderer had seduced Io, and then, in order to protect her from his justly often-jealous spouse, had turned her into a heifer.  (That doe … [Read more...]

Istanbul, Night Two (I was too tired to write about Night One)


  We arrived in Turkey early yesterday afternoon.  After a brief nap, we (my wife and I and three others) walked from our hotel (the Doubletree Istanbul Old Town, within the ancient Byzantine walls, which faces onto the cardo of ancient Constantinople) to the Grand Bazaar.  Then, having walked back, we caught a free shuttle from our hotel to the Bucoleon Fish Restaurant, where we had a wonderful meal of fresh sea bass, served family style.  The food was excellent, but the be … [Read more...]