The Reality, Not the Image Crafted Carefully by His Critics


Mitt Romney, stone-cold heart


Here’s an absolutely great new Facebook page from Patrice Pederson:


“Get to Know Mitt” is trying to offer a look at the real Mitt Romney, not the unlikable cold-hearted elitist created by the Obama campaign and its surrogates in the mainstream media.


Please take a look, and please “like” it and share it.


The thing that’s keeping Barack Obama in the race despite his miserable performance on both economic policy and foreign policy, despite Obamacare, despite his attempts to control the means of production, despite his contempt for religious liberty, and despite his disdain for ordinary Americans, is Governor Romney’s entirely unwarranted negative public image as a person.


It is wholly false and unjustified, and those who want to defeat Barack Obama in November had better do everything they can to change it.


The social media offer a painless and inexpensive way to do that, if enough people will get involved.




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