A Mosque in Orem?

The proposed design for the planned Orem mosque

   The Interfaith Club at Utah Valley University (UVU) in Orem is sponsoring a panel discussion (tomorrow, Wednesday, 10 October) to provide balanced information and to counter local opposition to the construction of a mosque in Orem. If you’re up for some community activism and desire to support your Muslim friends and neighbors, this is a great opportunity. Here is the information you need to participate: The discussion will begin at 7:00, and will b … [Read more...]

Obama Cites Economist against Romney; Economist Responds “What????”

Harvey S. Rosen, Princeton University

  Princeton's Harvey Rosen, used by the President, attempts to disabuse the President of his misunderstanding: http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/329707/economist-obama-campaign-misunderstanding-my-study-romney-tax-plan-katrina-trinko   … [Read more...]

Too many dollars in politics? We should be so lucky! How about too many dinars, rials, and yuans?

"Food" for "Thought"

  This is, or ought to be, rather troubling: And, if you're inclined to dismiss it as mere partisan propaganda, check out the actual report itself (to which the article supplies a link). "I don't know why people are always complaining about our politicians," Will Rogers used to say.  "After all, we've got the best politicians money can buy."   … [Read more...]

The Actual, Real, Mitt Romney


  In addition to the items mentioned in my previous post, I would like to mention these two websites: http://gettoknowmitt.com/ http://mitttheman.com/ The first, "Get to Know Mitt," is brand new, and features stories about Mitt Romney as a remarkably caring human being.  He's been pictured by many of those who oppose him as a callous plutocrat whose only apparent motivation for seeking the presidency is his unaccountable disdain for … [Read more...]

It’s Crunch Time

Visual proof that Clint Eastwood was Barack Obama's debate coach.

  The Romney-Obama debate last week demonstrated pretty decisively that rumors of Governor Romney's political demise were greatly exaggerated.  (For Saturday Night Live's parody of MSNBC's hysterical reaction to the debate -- funny, and uncannily accurate, though a bit crude at a couple of points -- see here.) We're now in the home stretch.  And, just as there was no reason to despair, there's now no justification for Romney supporters to be c … [Read more...]

A Jesuit Reads the Book of Mormon

Harvard University

   Francis X. Clooney S.J. provides a sympathetic reading of 3 Nephi in America: The National Catholic Weekly.  (My thanks to Bill Hamblin for calling this to my attention.)  And there are two previous installments of his reflections on the Book of Mormon, which I haven't yet read.  (The links are provided in this latest article.) Father Clooney is a professor at Harvard Divinity school and the author, most recently, of Beyond Compare: St. Francis de Sa … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday, Kenneth

Kenneth D. Walters (d. 23 March 2012)

  Had my brother lived, he would have turned seventy today. However, he died, suddenly and unexpectedly, on 23 March of this year. I routinely forgot to call him on his birthday.  Knowing, though, that his seventieth was approaching, I vowed that I wouldn't miss it this time. Here are the remarks, more or less, that I delivered at his funeral in South Pasadena, California, last March.  They're a bit choppy and disjointed, but I doubt that many no … [Read more...]

The Nicholas Ivie Memorial Fund

Nicholas Ivie (killed October 2012)

  I wrote briefly, the other day, about Nicholas Ivie, the U.S. Border Patrol agent who was killed last week -- a thirty-year-old husband and father of two who had been called, just a couple of months ago, to serve as second counselor in his Arizona ward's bishopric. A Nicholas Ivie Memorial Fund has now been established to help his young wife and children. Beginning on Wednesday, anybody who would like to offer financial aid to the Ivie family can … [Read more...]